To Control and eliminate pests like:

Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Carpet Beetles, Cloth Moths, Fleas, Flies, Mice or Rats and Silverfishes


J Francozi as a Profissional Pest Controller, has been offering service for control and elimination of pests inside of properties around London area, since January 2008. Specialist in treatment and maintenance of many kind of pests. The target is eradicate completely the pests inside of the commercial or residential property. 

From the first contact, we give all the support and follow up to the client or resident. Giving advice and suggestions to contribute to eliminate the problem of pests. Mainly about his own Health and Safety during the treatment process.

We speak English,                           Falamos Português,                           Hablamos Español,                            Parliamo Italiano

Thanks!    Obrigado!    Gracias!    Gracie! 


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